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Some of the more common questions we're often asked are below. Click on one of the tabs and hopefully you'll find the answer you're looking for. And if not, we invite you to give us a call directly on 0401 033 783 and Justin himself will be more than delighted to help you out. 


What we need from you?

  • Your overall budget.
  • Your time-frame to get the job complete.
  • A sense of imagination!

Where and how do you send your info to us?

  • Our expert designers and craftsmen will be on hand throughout the entire process.
  • We are available at all times via phone and, naturally email.
  • We have a G-Drive dropbox for any large-scale plans that are too large to email

How does our pricing work?

  • We don't work on an hourly rate: we'll give you a firm quote and we'll stick to it.
  • We work diligently within your budgetary constraints.
  • Our designers will advise where best to invest your money for the best results.
  • We have a range of suppliers to choose from that we guarantee will save you dollars!

What are our lead times?

  • We can start the consultancy and design process within 48 hrs.
  • Once the final concept is in place, we can start work within the week.
  • The average bathroom renovation takes approximately 10 days to complete from the start of actual work.


What Designs can you create?

  • Firstly, we'd love to hear what ideas you have.
  • If you're open to suggestions, our designers will present a range of options to suit the space you have and your budget.
  • Whether you're after a simply freshen-up of an older bathroom or a complete resort-style remodelling, we can create just about anything!

Do I need to know exactly what I want?

  • No! Most of our customers have had a look in various magazines and online to get an idea of the latest trends and the style that appeals, so they'll have a few ideas. But it all comes down to space and, of course, budget.
  • We can work with you on the style or theme, on colours and finishes. When we have a rough idea what you like, our designers can draw up something that we think will suit and from there we can open up some more ideas until we've nailed down exactly what you like.

What are some of the design aspects you can help me with?

  • EVERYTHING! If you know you want or need a new bathroom but don't have a clue where to start, don't stress. About half our of customers start from the same point. 
  • We can guide you as to what's possible within the space you have, always with consideration to your set budget.
  • Colours, textures, finishes, tapware, glassware, tiling, cabinets, lighting...everything will be covered in detail. 
  • If you'd like to source your own materials, we can help you locate the best quality and the best deals. Naturally, if you'd like us to take care of everything, we're more than happy to do so. 
  • We'll present you with a final blueprint and 3D walk-through of your design. Once you're happy with that, we can start working!


What materials do you use?

  • That's something for you and the designer to discuss. There are so many variations of wall finishes, tiling, tapware, basins, etc that it's a bit of a mine-field. But once we've got a rough idea of the theme you like, we can recommend a range of materials to suit.
  • Where possible, we use sustainable materials to help the environment. 
  • And our focus is on long-lasting materials that you can have complete confidence in over the next 10-20 years. That's our promise to you.
  • All of our materials are sourced from local, expert suppliers. That means you have peace of mind that all the products and materials used have been hand-selected by experienced specialists.

Can you supply accessories or do I have to get my own?

  • We have fantastic relationships with many different local suppliers - from tiles and soap-dishes to shower heads and bath-tubs. As such, we're happy to use these suppliers once your final design is in place or, if you'd prefer to source your own materials, we'll happily recommend some suppliers that will give you the right advice at the right price.
  • There's also NOTHING that we can't get. We are a one-stop solution for all your bathrooms needs.

Quality Control

So, how do I know what kind of quality bathroom I'll get?

  • The quality of your finished bathroom starts at the design stage. We don't cut corners and we ensure you've been presented with all your options. Quality control starts here!
  • Once the design-phase is completed, we ensure that the owner of the company himself looks over everything to ensure that you're getting the absolute best we have to offer.
  • You'll be made aware of every single product that goes into your new bathroom; every nut, bolt and hinge, every tile, every piece of glass...everything. And we ensure that it's the best quality available for your budget. 
  • At each stage, we'll update you on what's been done and what's happening next. You're always kept in the loop. And we're always ready to hear any suggestions you may have throughout the process.
  • Once your new bathroom is complete, we'll have our Quality Control Manager come in and check every square inch. And he'll do that with you. From there, we'll give you some great tips on how best to maintain your bathroom to ensure maximum enjoyment over many years. 




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